Australian Soundscapes CD



This Australian Soundscapes CD comprises live recordings from Lumina's highly acclaimed performances at the 2009 Adelaide Fringe Festival.  AustralianSoundscapes superimposes and blends people, places and musical styles to conjure up a panorama of Australia today, with particular emphasis on the cultural and spiritual environment of the original inhabitants and ways it is maintained.

We are particularly grateful for the participation and assistance of John Packham and Diana Sautelle. Their expertise and cultural understanding enables the recording to represent a broad sweep of the Australian cultural range. We have tried to position ourselves as both blenders and blended in the process. When we acknowledge our place on the territory of traditional groups we offer our programme as a reflection on the complex superimposition of traditions and viewpoints that this involves.  We try to relate and to share, to adapt and to learn. The music is ours, but is meant to call on something that is common. 

Price: $20.00