Lumina Vocal Ensemble and LyreByrd Mediaeval Ensemble

A Medieval and Renaissance Showcase

two rare chances to experience music from the age of Richard the Lionheart to the court of Henry VIII - from the heart of the middle ages to the flowering of the Renaissance.  Join Lumina and Lyrebyrd as they conjure sounds of lilting minstrels, plaintive troubadours and devout monks, then weave the rich musical threads of cathedral polyphony, palaces and kings.  Lyrebyrd Consort will introduce and play early instruments from harp, lute and recorder to rarer instruments such as vielle, psaltery, crumhorn, cornamuse, rebec, oud and viol.

Join us in two of Adelaide's most lovely acoustics for a special premiere. Don't miss it!

Previous audience members said: "A joy from start to finish" "anyone who has even a passing interest in quality choral music owes it to themselves to hear this group."

3PM Sunday 16 Feburary:    St Oswald's Anglican Church

3PM Saturday 29 February:  Barr Smith Library Reading Room at Barr Smith Library:

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Sumer is icumen in: Anon

Lay a Garland: Pearsall

Puis qu'en oubli: Machaut

Three Ravens: Rachel Sag

The Lover's Ghost: Ralph Vaughan Williams







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